Scottish Household Survey Key Findings

66 Five Most Common Types of Formal Volunteering Youth or children's activities Local community or neighbourhood Children's education Health, disability and wellbeing Sports and exercise WOMEN MEN 24% 23% 23% 21% 23% 11% 22% 14% 14% 21% Organisations that worked with youth or children activities outside school, or were engaged in the local community or neighbourhood were the most common to undertake formal volunteering with. There were significant differences between men and women regarding the types of formal volunteering they normally undertook. Women were significantly more likely to take part in formal volunteering with organisations that work with children’s education and health, disability and wellbeing. Men were more likely to undertake formal volunteering with organisations related to physical activities, sports and exercise. of adults in rural areas undertook formal volunteering with organisations involved with the local community or neighbourhood Volunteering Help Shape Scotland